The Christmas Cruise Thru
530 South Main Street
Hicksville, OH. 43526
Nov 21 – Dec 23, 2020

The fairgrounds in Hicksville Ohio is transformed into the largest light show in the tri-state area. We kick the Christmas Cruise Thru off with a “Dash for the Lights” 5KRun, Bike Ride, Walk & Golf Cart Preview (check calendar for dates each year) and the annual event with a Massive Fireworks Show (check calendar for dates each year). Admission to this event is a goodwill monetary donation at the gate. All proceeds stay with this 501©3 nonprofit organization.

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The Christmas Cruise Thru Board Members 2020
Contact: (419) 542-9000
CCT Address: 112 East High Street, Hicksville, OH  43526

Treasurer Angie Caryer
  Deacon Caryer
  Ed Caryer
  Megan Cover
Member At Large Chair Jeanne Evans
  John Fifer
  Dave Fine
  Lowell Hamrick
  Paul Ruder
  Lynn Skelton
  Ron Skelton
President Denise Sutter
  Lindsey Sutter
SC Vince Sutter
VP Charlie Wann
  Kari Wann
  Mary Wann
  James Wasson
  DeVonn Werder
  Lavon Wiles